Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Oriflame Sweden Cosmetics

Oriflame Sweden Cosmetics

The Left Out Oriflame Sweden Cosmetics Can B Used As

  •  Add A Little Moisturizer To Your Foundation (And Bronzer!)

Utilize those last few drops of your favorite  Oriflame Sweden Cosmetics foundation by adding a dab of face moisturizer. For foundation, pour a little moisturizer inside the bottle, shake well and apply.

For bronzing powder, combine both for your very own tinted moisturizer.

  • Scoop Out Your Favorite Lipstick 
    Using a cotton swab (not your finger!), scoop out the last remnants and apply as you normally would to your lips.


If you want to be extra economical, dab a bit on the apples of your cheeks for a cream             blush that works wonders.

  • Swap Shaving Cream For Hair Conditioner 
    Want some silky smooth legs, but left out with Oriflame Sweden Cosmetics shaving cream? Use that half-used bottle of hair conditioner works as a luxurious treat and provides great glide.
  • Do not disregard That Mascara Wand
    it’s for Sure, you should change mascara every 3 months, but that doesn’t mean you should forgo the wand. Simply place used mascara wands in the dishwasher to give them new life. You can use them for grooming your brows or taming flyaway hair near your hairline.
  • Praise the Pump-Dispenser
    Got products with pump dispensers? Use the stem of the pump to extend their lifespan further. Simply scrape the inside of the bottle and then apply to your hand. You’ll be surprised to learn how much is still in there. You can also cut the bottle in half with a pair of scissors.


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