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Oriflame Sugar Scrub

Oriflame Milk Honey Sugar Scrub

Oriflame Sugar Scrub, Day by day due to polluted atmosphere, skin is getting a little dry. So we should take care of our face and scrub so that dirt sitting inside skin pore can be removed. When skin pores are open, they shall leave natural oil, which will keep our skin moist even in dry season.

Milk and Honey Gold body sugar scrub with sugar crystals, organic milk and honey extracts to exfoliate the skin. With organic milk proteins and honey extract to soften and condition the Skin.

It is like gel sugar granules which is neither too runny nor too thick. It’s just perfect for a proper coverage. It has nice soothing floral fragrance which stays for a couple of hours after bath.

How to use:

Take a coin size amount in your hand.
Apply it on wet skin.
Gently rub in upward circular motion for 5 minutes.
Leave it for another 2 minutes.
Rinse off with water and pat

your face dry. Note: Please avoid contacts with your Eye.

Oriflame Surbhi

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