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Oriflame Nailpolish

Oriflame Nailpolish

Oriflame Nailpolish

Oriflame Nailpolish, The one long wear nailpolish comes in the creamy texture liquid. It comes in a glass bottle with a grey cap. the bottle is unbreakable as it slips from my hand so many times still didn’t get crack even .

One of the another speciality about this nailpaint is it’s flattened brush which spreads the nailpaint evenly onto the nails.  The nailpaint is so smooth in texture as it do not need more than 2 coats … Nailpaint do not have shimmer in it and even it’s not matte..it has a candy shine..

As the name suggest its a long wear nailpolish , it stays for a week without being chopped..and if you use the top coat it stays for 10 days…

Every shade of this nailpaint is eternal shade of purity…it gives your nails a beautiful shine.. so guys get ready to flaunt your nails.. so buy and try

Oriflame Surbhi

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