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Oriflame Happy Skin Nourishing 

Oriflame Happy Skin

Oriflame Happy Skin Nourishing 

Oriflame Happy Skin Nourishing served me best to combat the dry skin problem where in my skin needed moisturisation. I feel it was appropriate for the middle season where in its not too cold not very sunny and hence it requires decent nourishment to keep my skin soft and supple.This Oriflame Happy Skin Nourishing Body Milk Extra Dry Skin is neither too oily nor very thin and runny. This lotion was the best to moisturize dry skin problem without leaving the skin oily. It was best for the first stage of summers. Oriflame happy skin body lotion actually makes your skin happy by providing proper amount of moisturization. It provides moisture to 2 layers of skin so it stay in skin for long. It’s comes in 400 ML bottle which is big quantity .You just need to  take a little amount in your hand and rub it all over your body just a simple 1 minute massage gives your skin a beautiful , fragrances moisturization. So it is a hit product for winter !

So let’s buy and try !! Be beautiful

Oriflame Surbhi

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