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Oriflame Colourbox Lipstick

Oriflame Colorbox Lipstick

Oriflame Colourbox Lipstick

Packaging: it comes in a simple black color packaging with a 2.5gm lipstick inside. Very easy to use and handy


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Direction for use:

Just apply on the clean lips and then finish them by gloss according to your choice

My Review for the Oriflame Colourbox Lipstick

Oriflame colo rbox lipstick is the new lipstick  launched in India in 2018 in January catalog .It has 12 shades which are really beautiful and affordable. 12 shades are differentiated to be used by all age group. Lipstick once applied stays for 3-4 hours this lipstick do not leave your lips dehydrated, it has a good amount of vitamin e oil in it which helps your lips to b dehydrated soft and supple. This lipstick is tiny in size so can be carried just in a small purse to everywhere.

Benefits of Oriflame Colourbox Lipstick

  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • 12 options of different colors
  • Color for all ages
  • Suits everyone
  • Lipstick has proper moistorisation
  • Lipstick stays for 3-4 hours

Little drawbacks of Oriflame Colourbox Lipstick

Not last all along the day

Ratings: 4.9/5

So let’s Buy and Try.



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