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About Us

About Us Oriflame Surbhi, Surbhi Bansal lives in NOIDA(UP). I am qualified biotechnologist with a master’s of Science in biotechnology and also done few research work. But as everyone life changes, there was a change in my life too and I leave my biotechnologist career. In my college time I started Oriflame business 5 years back just as a hobby as I like to deal with Make Up products but from few last Months I am into Oriflame as a vision of being a sapphire director in Oriflame – Sweden. Actually, I love its logo, Your Dreams – Our Inspiration. Oriflame helps me to grow, to shine, to be independent and self empowered.

About Oriflame is Sweden based Cosmetics and Wellness Multilevel Marketing Company which believes in togetherness, passion n spirit inside you. Oriflame promises – Your Dreams – Our Inspiration is deeply rooted in our history and culture. During our 45-year history, we have always been dedicated to inspire and offer people the opportunity to work and their dreams through our unique business ideas. The dreams plays a big role in developing our new beauty products and inspiring programs that help to develop their own business. Oriflame helps in achieving two main roles for our life that is to look good and to complete your dreams. If we look good, we feel good, if we feel good, we can grow a lot!!

Do you want to fulfill your dreams? We help you to do it for you.